Friday, 7 September 2012

Film 10 - The Incredible Hulk

Following a disastrous gamma ray experiment, Doctor Banner finds out that he can transform into a giant green-skinned hulk after his pulse rate gets too high. However a solider finds out about the technology and uses himself, turning into an evil version of the hulk.
Although it is an unusual superhero in the sense that Banner cannot control when he turns into the hulk, it does follow the following superhero conventions:
  • Having an extraordinary power - Bruce Banner's alter ego means that he's incredibly strong and has abnormal strength.
  • A moral code - Although in his Hulk state, Banner seems like he cannot control it, he does realise that he has to protect the city from evil.
  • Secret identity - not many people realise that Bruce Banner is the Hulk, so in this sense, he can hide away from people.
  • Financial support - originally, the Hulk was a scientist and earned all of his money from there, but then after becoming the Hulk, he had to work in a soft drinks factory.
  • Backstory - Doctor Bruce Banner was an ordinary man, having a normal life before becoming the Hulk and then everything changed.
  • Costume - The Hulk himself doesn't actually have a costume, however he is most recognisable by the fact that he is green skinned and has purple shorts.
The Incredible Hulk is mainly for teenagers and above as it contains some frightening scenes where Banner transforms into the Hulk, which could be frightening for young children. Also there are a lot of explosions, fighting and a lot of gore such as the sound of bones breaking. How there isn't much sex and nudity, as the only time is when Bruce Banner is sitting naked in a bathtub but even then you can only see his bum.

Bruce Banner himself presents a binary opposition in this film, as we see the calm and gentle nature of Banner before the explosive and violent side of the hulk comes out after Banner has transformed. Another would be that Blonksy's aggressive nature versus Banner's calm manner shows the difference into what they transform into. 

The film does reinforce gender stereotypes as Banner's love interest and the main girl character in the film, is firstly sent away from Banner so she doesn't get hurt, therefore staying on the sidelines instead of getting involved with the action. Also it's always the boys that are doing the fighting, as you don't see any girls getting into any of the action.

To conclude, the Hulk seeks to entertain it's audience by having a completely different superhero, than one we are normally used to. Also the fight scenes between the Hulk and all of the military raise the tension in the film, waiting to see if their hero, the Hulk, would come out on top, but also to see how much destruction can be caused between them. Finally the audience want to see if Banner can truly control when he morphs into the Hulk and see how well his meditation is getting on. 

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