Sunday, 2 September 2012

Film 7 - Fantastic Four; Rise of the Silver Surfer

After a gatecrashed wedding, the Fantastic Four learn that they aren't the only super humans in the universe when they have to square off against the powerful Silver Surfer and the planet-eating Galactus. 

Although there are four superheros rather than one, it still creates a highly action packed film, which includes the following conventions:

  • Having super powers - after being hit by a cosmic ray, each of the Fantastic Four have their own unique power whether it be from being incredibly stretchy, can turn themselves on fire, are as hard as rock or can turn invisible. 
  • A moral code - Each member of the Fantastic Four will risk their own safety when it comes to the protection of Earth but they at first try to do so, without fighting (the instance where they capture the Silver Surfer rather than kill him). This embodied in particular by Sue Storm. 
  • Motif - Their motif is a silver circle with a number 4 in the middle. 
  • Headquarters - Their headquarters was establised in Baxter Building in the midtown Manhattan.
  • Archilles Heel - in this film. the Archilles Heel for the team was when they all thought Sue Storm had been killed by the spear yet it was this that had temporarily unhinged them, but them spurred them on to kill Galactus. 
  • Costume features - They all wore tight blue fitting latex catsuits which enabled them to move and fight more freely. Also, they all bare the Fantastic Four logo on their chest so everyone knows who they are.
The film is aimed at mainly young male teenagers aged about 8-14 because of the lack of swearing, but it still has lots of action packed fighting scenes. It also contains a lot of light hearted humour although there is the odd reference to sexual activity from Johnny. 

The most obvious binary opposition in this film is the very alien presence of the Silver Surfer compared to the earthly Sue Storm, when she tries to speak to him in the forest. Also you get the feeling that Earth is very small and primitive compared to the massive planet eating Galactus, and it seems nothing can stop it.

Although we do get some action from our female protagonist Sue Storm, it is ultimately an all boy showdown at the end of the film, when it is believed that Sue has been killed by Doctor Doom. This means she is away from the main action, in a sense the damsel in distress, although surprisingly enough, it is the antagonist who saves the day, meaning that Sue can come back to life.  

Overall this film seeks to entertain it's audience by using creating an complex character of the Silver Surfer, who at first seems hell bent on destroying the planet but deep down, is very passionate about protecting his own planet. Also the CGI used to create the Silver Surfer makes it look like he actually made out of molten silver. Finally, the directors decided to bring back an old villain so the Fantastic Four had to face not one, but two enemies.

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