Saturday, 1 September 2012

Film 6 - Batman Begins

After witnessing the death of both of his parents, Bruce Wayne becomes distraught and disappears out of Gotham City for several years. Whilst being asked to join and destroy the City, Wayne instead comes back and enlists the help of Alfred (his butler) and Lucius Fox to help create the 'Bat' image to help intimidate villains and protect the city of Gotham.
Conventions included in this breath-taking film are:

  • Special skills - Batman doesn't actually have a super power, rather he has more wealth and intelligence in which he combines the two to make an extrordinary superhero.
  • A moral code - although this is quite a dark superhero movie, Batman still keeps his morals of trying to protect Gotham city.
  • A secret identity - Bruce Wayne is very protective of his Batman secret identity, so he only tells Alfred in fear that his enemies would know who he really was.
  • Motif - Batman doesn't have a motif as such, but his symbol is a bat.
  • Financial support - orphan and heir to over billions of dollars, Bruce Wayne essentially doesn't need a job, as he can descend into becoming a full time batman. 
  • Headquarters - under his mansion, Bruce Wayne builds the Batcave so it could be easily hidden from society. 
  • Backstory - it all began when Wayne was only a young child who witnesses the brutal murder of his parents right in front of his own eyes.
  • Archilles heel - when Wayne thinks he has been his secret identity has been compromised, also he is very protective over his family, Alfred and Gotham City.
  • Costume features - his mask covers most of his face, so nobody can recognise him, also he has a utility belt which is full of useful devices.
As it is a more mature film, it is aimed at teenagers and above because it contains drugs, drinking and smoking, as well as explicit language and lots of violence. It also contains some very dark themes, as well as a brief mentions of sex but a lot of consumerism.

In this film, there appears to be a blurred line between good and evil, at the main protagonist appears to be quite dark and foreboding. The binary opposition present in this film is the young innocent Bruce Wayne just before his parents got murdered, too the mysterious and grief stricken man that he has become.

Batman Begins does reinforce gender stereotypes as Bruce Wayne develops a complicated relationship with Rachel who ultimately stays on the sidelines whilst Wayne goes on to fight the Scarecrow. 

Batman Begins is a highly awe-inspiring film which keeps the audience on edge throughout the whole of the film. Christopher Nolan, who directed the film, keep the audience entertained by raising the tension throughout, to make the audience more interested. Also the choreographed fight scenes between Batman and his enemies are highly thrilling. Finally as well the fight scenes, there are also some awesome stunts with the batmobile which include lots of jumping over other cars and a high speed car chase. 

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