Saturday, 1 September 2012

Film 5 - The Incredibles

The Incredibles are a undercover family who aren't allowed to use their powers in public. However one day, Mr Incredible gets fed up with his normal life and is unsuspectingly helps Syndrome with his evil plan. It is then up to the Incredibles and a little help, to save the day.

Each member of the family has their own unique special power. Mr Incredible has super strength, Elastagirl can twist and contort her body into different shapes, Violet has the ability to make herself invisible and create force fields whilst Dash can run at the speed of light. However it isn't until the end of the film, that it is revealed that Jack-Jack can morph into a monster. All of the family have the same moral code of trying to protect their city, which we see is especially empathized through Mr Incredible as we see him being forced to become a 'normal' man. At the start of the film, they all live a 'normal' life, as each superhero has their own secret identity which to hide it when they are superheroes, they wear a simple black mask. The two other main supporting characters  are Frozen, Mr Incredible's best friend, and Edna Mode the sassy woman behind the costumes. Their motif is a black circle with a yellow 'i' with two orange swirls.
We get to see the backstory of Mr Incredible, Elastagirl and Frozone from the very beginning as Superheros got cast out of society. As well, we get some insight to how Violet and Dash are struggling to hide their superpowers from everyone at school. During when the Incredibles are trying to infiltrate Syndrome's hideout, they caught and Syndrome uses this to his advance to try and take Mr Incredible down a few notches which is his achilles heel. Also during the time on Syndrome's island, Mr Incredible has to take down several 'drone' robots (rogue gallery). Finally the Incredible's has some very special costume features such as having it bright red to distinguish themselves, as well as bearing their motif on their chests. They wear black masks to protect their identity and their costume is made of tight fighting latex. 

The film is aimed at the family audience as it is light hearted and the fighting scenes aren't very violent (as there isn't any blood).  There is no explicit language and the tone of the film is quite fast paced to keep the audience interested.

The binary opposition present in this film is the idea that teamwork will triumph rather than working by yourself. This is shown in the instance when Mr Incredible tries to defeat Syndrome and his drones by himself, but ends up getting caught and taken prisoner. However once his family find him and break out from the island, they manage to defeat the drone together once and for all. There is also the concept of being 'ordinary' and being 'super' where being 'ordinary' means that your life is dull and uninteresting which is why Mr Incredible wants to revert back into being a superhero, as being 'super' means you're special.

The Incredibles does challenge gender stereotypes as at the start Mr Incredible tries to fight the drones by himself but it is with the help of Elastagirl, who gets straight into the heart of the action, as well as Violet and Dash; although they are insisted to stay behind at first, they get straight into the heart of the action.

The Incredibles entertains it's audience by using CGI to help bring the characters realistically to life. It also includes lots of action to help the audience stop getting bored (as they are a lot young children so if you including lots of scenes with slow talking that drags out, then they would start to lose interest). As well there are lots of scenes of witty dialogue where it makes the audience laugh such as the scene where Frozone is in distress about not being able to find his costume, "Honey have you seen my supersuit?". Using humour often engages the audience better, as you see real life situation collide with trying to save the world.

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